YSFReflector: 02231 IT-IS0-Sardegna

Sysop: IS0GVH Luca & IS0GQX Bruno

This Reflector is connected to the Sardinia Multiprotocol network, linked with the BrandMeister TG2231 and IT C4FM Italy (YCS222) with DG-ID 31.

In addition, BrandMeister also provides the link to Wires-X Room #47439 ITALY-IS0-MULTI and to the H module of the Reflector XLX231 for the DSTAR protocol, which is in turn linked with the National XLX039. The Peanut app is connected here thanks to David PA7LIM.

While, the Reflectors NXDN, P25 and M17 module H, get the data flow from HBlink, thanks to the link with HBlink BrandMeister.

Again, this YSF Reflector is connected via the W6DS link to the Network Digital Radio Monitor.

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About the:


pYSFReflector version 20210606 by IU5JAE Antonio.

This is a YSF Reflector implemented in python3, mainly compatible with g4klx reflector.


YSFReflector-Dashboard Version by Kim DG9VH

This Dashboard uses websockets-technology to transfer data from host to client.

It actually uses the logfile of the YSFReflector by G4KLX to get the entries into the different tables.