This pYSF3 Reflector is part of the Sardinia Multiprotocol Network via the YSF-Direct link with BrandMeister at TG22202. BrandMeister also provides the link for the Room Wires-X #47439 ITALY-IS0-MULTI and the H module of the XLX231 Reflector for DSTAR transcoding, which in turn is linked to the XLX039 National Reflector and the Network Digital Radio Monitor thanks a David W6DS. Conference is also accessible from the NXDN protocol via the Reflector #22202, in M17 with the M17-IS0 Reflector and from the C4FM Multi Stream with DG-ID 02. The Peanut Application is directly connected to the XLX231 transoding thanks to David PA7LIM.

QSO traffic

# Status Call Gateway Description Radio Serial Target GID Stream Data_type Call_mode Frame Deviation UTC_Time(QSO) Map
# QSO progressive number
Status TX=Transmission in progress>(green) TC=Complete Transmission (white) TD=DG-ID change (light blue) TB=Transmission blocked (grey)
(invalid callsign, invalid suffix, etc.)
TO=TX time out (pink)
WD=TX with corrupted packets (yellow)
Call Callsign
Gateway Entry from the node
Description Link name
Radio Radio model used Source stream
Serial Serial assigned to the radio/system
GID DG-ID used
Stream Stream identifier
Data_type V/D mode 1 (simultaneous voice/data type 1) V/D mode 2 (simultaneous voice/data type 2) Data FR (high-speed data TX) Voice FR (high-quality voice full rate)  
Call_mode Group/CQ Radio ID Individual Reserve
Frame Shows the frame number
Deviation Wide Narrow
UTC_Time(QSO) In TX that's when it started End TX is when it's finished (duration)
Map TX contains GPS data displays location
DG-ID Assigned
DG-ID configured: 09=Local Repeater
Allows QSOs to be made exclusively in this Repeater
Linked with DMR TG 22202/BM
Linked with DMR TG 222/BM
27=Room Italy
Wires-X Room Italy linked with YSF #27003
92=Italy MP
Linked with DMR TG 22292/BM
99=Local Reflector
Allows QSOs to be made exclusively in this YSF Reflector

Repeaters, hotspots and bridges linked

# Call DG-ID_(Description) Gateway_IP Refl_outgoing_port 0/60 Connected_from Muted Locked Status Back_to_home BTH_in_secs Activated_secs Missing_secs
# QSO progressive number
Call Callsign
DG-ID_(Description) DG-ID used
Gateway_IP IP number
Refl_outgoing_port Port UDP used
0/60 Quality link
Connected_from Connected since
Muted yes no
Locked yes no
Status Fixed (It is not allowed to change DG-ID) Movable (It is allowed to change DG-ID) Fixed/BTH (Locked on a DG-ID)
Back_to_home Unset (No configuration to return to the default DG-ID) Number (DG-ID configured to return after BTH time)
BTH_in_secs Time set for returning to the default DG-ID after the change
Activated_secs Remaining time to return to the default DG-ID after the change
Missing_secs Elapsed time after DG-ID change

Callsigns blocked in time

# Call Blocked at (local) Reason Released (server time)
# QSO progressive number
Call Callsign
Blocked at (local) Time when it was blocked
Reason Indicates the reason for the block
Released Time required for recovery