This Reflector pYSF3 by Antonio IU5JAE is connected to the Sardinia Multiprotocol network and linked with the BrandMeister TG2231. In addition, BrandMeister also provides the link to Wires-X Room #47439 ITALY-IS0-MULTI and to the H module of the Reflector XLX231for the DSTAR protocol, which is in turn linked with the National XLX039, C4FM Multi Stream and IT C4FM Italy (YCS222) DG-ID 31. The Peanut App is linked to the Reflector XLX231 thanks to David PA7LIM. While, the Reflectors NXDN, P25 and M17, get the data flow from HBlink, thanks to the link with HBlink BrandMeister.
Then this YSF Reflector is also connected via the W6DS link to the Network Digital Radio Monitor.

QSO traffic

# Status Call Gateway Description Radio Serial Target GID Stream Data_type Call_mode Frame Deviation UTC_Time(QSO) Map
# QSO progressive number
Status TX=Transmission in progress>(green) TC=Complete Transmission (white) TD=DG-ID change (light blue) TB=Transmission blocked (grey)
(invalid callsign, invalid suffix, etc.)
TO=TX time out (pink)
WD=TX with corrupted packets (yellow)
Call Callsign
Gateway Entry from the node
Description Link name
Radio Radio model used Source stream
Serial Serial assigned to the radio/system
GID DG-ID used
Stream Stream identifier
Data_type V/D mode 1 (simultaneous voice/data type 1) V/D mode 2 (simultaneous voice/data type 2) Data FR (high-speed data TX) Voice FR (high-quality voice full rate)  
Call_mode Group/CQ Radio ID Individual Reserve
Frame Shows the frame number
Deviation Wide Narrow
UTC_Time(QSO) In TX that's when it started End TX is when it's finished (duration)
Map TX contains GPS data displays location
DG-ID Assigned
DG-ID configured: 01=Local Repeater
It allows you to make the QSO exclusively on your repeater in use
09=Local Reflector
Allows QSOs to be made exclusively in this Reflector
Linked with DMR TG2231/BM
89=Cluster E.R.A.
Linked with DMR TG22289/BM

Repeaters, hotspots and bridges linked

# Call DG-ID_(Description) Gateway_IP Refl_outgoing_port 0/60 Connected_from Muted Locked Status Back_to_home BTH_in_secs Activated_secs Missing_secs
# QSO progressive number
Call Callsign
DG-ID_(Description) DG-ID used
Gateway_IP IP number
Refl_outgoing_port Port UDP used
0/60 Quality link
Connected_from Connected since
Muted yes no
Locked yes no
Status Fixed (It is not allowed to change DG-ID) Movable (It is allowed to change DG-ID) Fixed/BTH (Locked on a DG-ID)
Back_to_home Unset (No configuration to return to the default DG-ID) Number (DG-ID configured to return after BTH time)
BTH_in_secs Time set for returning to the default DG-ID after the change
Activated_secs Remaining time to return to the default DG-ID after the change
Missing_secs Elapsed time after DG-ID change

Callsigns blocked in time

# Call Blocked at (local) Reason Released (server time)
# QSO progressive number
Call Callsign
Blocked at (local) Time when it was blocked
Reason Indicates the reason for the block
Released Time required for recovery